The Compasses Public House
The Compasses, Tibbs Hill Road, Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire, WD5 0LJ

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The Compasses Country Pub and Dining Sandwich and Lighter Bites Menu

Our Sandwich and Lighter Bites Menu is available at Lunchtimes Monday to Saturday


Our Sandwiches are cut and made to order on Crusty White Bread with Salad Garnish and Kettle Crisps

Roast Beef, Horseradish and Rocket - £6.50

Mature Cheddar and Branston Pickle - £5.50

Tuna with Red Onion and Mayo - £5.95

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato - £5.50

Hand Carved Gammon Ham - £5.50

Chicken and Bacon with Lettuce and Caesar Dressing - £5.95

Local Butcherís Sausages and Fried Onions - £5.95

Fish Finger Sandwich - £7.50

Steak and Fried Onions in a Crusty French Bread - £10.95


Served with Crusty French Bread, Branston Pickle, Salad Garnish and Pickled Onions

Mature Cheddar or Stilton - £6.95

Hand Carved Gammon Ham - £6.95

Hot Sausage - £6.95

Pate - £6.95

Ham and Cheddar - £7.50

Filled Jacket Potatoes

Served with Salad Garnish

Tuna with Red Onion and Mayo - £6.95

Cheddar Cheese and Baked Beans - £6.25

Chilli Con Carne - £7.50

Mature Cheddar or Baked Beans - £5.75


Served with Salad Garnish

Gammon Ham and Cheese - £5.25

Tuna with Red Onion, Mayo and Cheese - £5.50

Cheese with Tomato and Red Onion - £4.95

Cheese with Tomato and Pesto - £4.95

As well as our Sandwiches and Lighter Bites Menu there are Daily Specials (normally at least four).
Please Check our Daily Specials Boards for details and of course our Main Menu is also available

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