The Compasses Public House
The Compasses, Tibbs Hill Road, Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire, WD5 0LJ

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Reviews of the Compasses

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The following are transcripts of reviews that have appeared in our local press.

From the Watford Observer:

Traditional Pub makes ideal local

Traditional Pub makes ideal local

The Compasses, Tibbs Hill Road, Abbots Langley

UNLIKE colleagues of mine who seem adamant on opening their pub reviews with an unnecessary slur on a female colleague’s driving ability, I will not stoop so low.

Actually we walked to the pub this particular day, but I wouldn’t have anyway. I prefer to stick to the facts.

Having a “local” pub is something I never knew living in London as any pubs or bars we ever wanted to visit were a bit of a hike.

Arguably, where I live, it is still a bit of a hike to my local, The Compasses, but every time I have been there it has been worth the effort.

The pub radiates a local friendly feel in particular the bar staff.

I have been served by several different members of staff and everyone has greeted me with a smile and a “nothing is too much trouble” attitude.

This visit on a busy Thursday night was no exception. The woman behind the bar served me with three drinks and didn’t even lose her smile when for the second time we had to ask her for a cloth as my friend persisted in knocking over the countless pints of Miller we provided him with.

Even a couple of, I assume, regulars were not remotely vexed by getting splashed by some of the endless flying beer and this even sparked a brief, pleasant conversation.

There are two bars in The Compasses and the owners have opted for a split personality for the two, which seems to compliment each other quiet nicely.

As you walk through the door of the pub, it is a traditional boozer with comfortable, if not slightly cramped sofa-style seating around the edge.

As it was very busy the night we were in there, my friends and I were a little weary of squeezing into the spare seats although this proved unnecessary as people already there were more than happy to move along to let us sit down.

The other bar is decked out in more of a wine bar style with brighter lighting and high tables.

Although a vast contradiction, it does work, and the combination of the two, in my opinion, seem somehow to compliment each other.

Prices in The Compasses are average with a fair selection of drinks, including Miller on tap which certainly impressed one of my friends.

To sum up, The Compasses is a very friendly, cosy pub that you can stop by for a drink in a relaxed atmosphere and a chat with the regulars, if you fancy.
Cleanliness: 4   
Efficiency: 5     
Variety: 4         
Prices: 3          
Craic: 4            
OVERALL: 4    

From the Abbots Villager:

Restaurant Review

Restaurant Review

The Compasses, Abbots Langley

After living in the Langleys for the best part of 10 years we thought a visit to the Compasses was long overdue particularly after we had heard several positive reports about it from several people and because the Villager is available to read there. We also thought it was about time we commented on somewhere closer to home again. The problem for us when making our decision on where to go for the review is that the Langleys are blessed with an abundance of options, so it will still take us a long time yet to review them all, as well as to provide some new ideas as to where else to visit in the immediate area.

For those who are not regulars the Compasses is a family run establishment and the proprietors have been there for 20 something years. The premises offer a range of facilities for drinkers and diners both inside and out. There is an extensive beer garden and decked area to the rear with additional tables to the side for those who want or need to be in the fresh air. The interior has a traditional bar area with a range of interesting photographs on its walls as well as a clean and tidy dedicated dining area.

In addition to the daily specials there is a wide selection from the set menu. Once again we elected to eat out for our Sunday lunch and there was a choice of traditional roast dishes. The set menu offers a wide selection of conventional starters, freshly made salads, a variety of different meals from the grill, a healthy range of vegetarian options and a list of Compasses Favourites. For the less ambitious diner there is a small choice of “Light Bites” and a big choice of sandwiches or Ploughman's. (Sandwiches and Ploughman's are not available on Sunday and are available at lunchtimes only on other days). There is a wider choice than usual of coffees and we noticed that there are some good wines on offer. For those with room for a dessert there is a limited selection on offer, but we enjoyed our 2 choices. All on offer is at a reasonable middle of the road prices. There is nothing on the menu which will surprise anyone and there is something there for every taste, so no-one should be disappointed by not being able to find something agreeable.

A generous and varied vegetable portion came with the meal, but once again there was too much gravy for me. This is a personal choice issue. I prefer my gravy to be delivered separately in a boat to permit me to decide how much I want and in most cases I would prefer only butter on my vegetables. My partner prefers lots of gravy and we overheard another diner requesting additional gravy on his meal. When I have a traditional dish with Yorkshire puddings I pour the gravy into the heart of the pudding whereas others like the puddings to remain crispy, so this is clearly a subject with several different points of view, but maybe the customer should decide how much he or she wants.

Our service was quick, friendly and efficient. In our opinion the Compasses is definitely a place to add to your list of establishments where one goes for a good and fairly priced traditional meal if one does not fancy cooking or if one is not looking to experiment or does not want to find anything exotic or unusual, so an excellent choice if in company with people who have fixed ideas about what food they will eat. As it says in an advertisement on the television, “it does what it says on the tin”; so there will be no surprises We shall be looking forward to returning, not only to try out some of the other items on the extensive menu but because the service is good arid it is dose to home.

The Compasses is easy to find in Abbots Langley on Tibbs Hill Road at number 95. For reservations, call 01923 262870. It is advisable to make a reservation for Saturday evening dining, as it can be busy. There is plenty of parking.

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